Harry Styles and Justin Bieber Planning Guy Vacation in Vegas? Brocation!

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Are Justin Bieber and Harry Styles planning a vacation to Vegas?

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We kind of love the ways that, post-Haylor, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are getting linked up with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Yesterday, there was buzz that Taylor told BFF Selena that Harry "was a jerk"--today, we get the ultimate bromance news: Harry and Justin reportedly are planning a guy vacation.

No doubt to dish on their breakups?

Well, we're not so sure this rumor is true either, but can you imagine Justin and Harry jetting off to some bromantic location?

Where are the two newly single superstars reportedly heading? Las Vegas, of course!

A source tells The Sun, "The lads talked about a boys' trip when they were going out with the girls, but it was never on the cards. Now they're footloose and fancy-free, they want to make it happen."

The insider adds, "They might not be old enough to legally drink but that won't stop them. They can afford to rent an entire floor of one of the big hotels like the Wynn."

The rest of the One Direction guys may get in on it too, as the source says, "There's talk of making it a proper boys' holiday, with the rest of 1D and their mates."

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