Harry Styles' Hot Tub Pal Hermione Way Tweets "Nothing Happened"

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Did Harry Styles flirt with Hermione Way in the hot tub? She says nothing happened.


If you're dying to know what happened when Harry Styles went hot tubbing on Necker Island...well, you're out of luck.

Harry took to the hot tub to mend his broken heart, hanging with the likes of Richard Branson on his private island, shortly after now ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift hopped a flight home.

Pics of Harry in the hot tub soon made their way online and people have been especially interested in one woman in the group, journalist/entrepreneur Hermione Way.

Naturally, rumors about Harry flirting with Hermione started making the rounds and she finally spoke out about the whole event.

A source told The Sun, "Harry was fuming as the row with Taylor got really bitter and a lot of things were said that they both didn't mean. But by the time he arrived at Sir Richard's place and saw the luxury and women holidaying there, he soon calmed down."

The source added, "Not only that--by the time he jumped in the island's hot tub and splashed around with Hermione he was back on form."

The insider noted, "He couldn't keep his eyes off her all the time he was there. There was a lot of flirting in the tub and Hermione was loving the attention as they necked champagne and gobbled sushi."

Hermione made a "no comment" type of comment about the hot tub gathering, tweeting, "Now front page of The Sun? Must be a #slownewsday in the UK. To all the journalists hounding me this morning--I have nothing to say on the Harry story. What happens on Necker, stays on Necker."

She answered one Twitter follower who commented on the hot tub pic, tweeting, "yes but nothing happened."

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