Justin Bieber's Label Names Him "Prince of Pop"...Does He Deserve the Title?

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Do you think he'll ever take over Michael Jackson's title as "KING of Pop?"

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Justin Bieber...the prince of pop?

In a recent press release from Justin Bieber's record label, RBMG/Island Def Jam Music Group, the company refers to him as "the Prince of Pop" as they announce his new acoustic album to be released later this month.

As we all know, the late Michael Jackson dubs the "King of Pop" name, and many think that JB is capable of snagging that from him or atleast wants to.

Justin's title is totally unofficial right now but it has been occasionally referenced in the past especially on magazine covers.

It seems like Bieber's label is undoubtedly hoping to help the name stick much like Michael Jackson's did.

The label-given JB title has brought on a lot of attention and commentary. HitFix has called it "a little obnoxious and certainly premature." While people are cracking jokes and posting their anger about the title on Twitter. As HollywoodReporter.com noted, one Tweeter posted that Justin's the "Prince of Pot." Ha!

Do you think Justin deserves the "Prince of Pop" title? Will he eventually take over Michael Jackson and become the new "King of Pop?"

We're total Beliebers here at Cambio and think he deserves the "Prince of Pop" name. Who else in the business can claim it right now?

As for the "King of Pop" takeover, it's possible. We think Justin will be around for a very long time but out of respect for MJ, we don't think they'll ever give up the name to him. Not to mention, Michael Jackson is one of Bieber's idols, we don't think he'd even want the title!

Let us know what YOU think!




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