Kendall Schmidt: "Yes, We're Going on a Summer Tour"

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Find out why Kendall and his friends were running around Coachella in crop-top sweaters! Calling all Rushers!

When Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush dropped by for our live Q&A couch sesh recently, he spilled on topics such as season 4 of BTR, his experience at Coachella last year and BTR's summer tour.

"I already have like seven wardrobe changes in the first episode," Kendall revealed. "I can tell you, it'll be ridiculous."

Kendall already has some real-life experience in that department. When it got cold at Coachella last year, "I had to buy a sweater that was four sizes too small," Kendall said. "So we were running around Coachella in crop-top sweaters."

We would LOVE to see those pics.

We've missed seeing the BTR boys together, but Kendall told us some awesome news! "Yes, we're going on a summer tour," he confirmed.

Watch the highlight clip (above) to see what Kendall would do with ten-thousand dollars! And click here to see the couch sesh in full.

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