The Wanted Win People's Choice Award: One Direction Robbed?

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The Wanted win People's Choice Award--watch their acceptance speech! One of the biggest upsets at last night's 2013 People's Choice Awards was The Wanted's win for Favorite Breakout Artist.

Over One Direction, can you believe it?

We're not saying we don't love The Wanted (we have mad love for both The Wanted and 1D), but we know Directioners were shocked by the win.

The Wanted's acceptance speech was pretty adorable, erasing the whole "One Direction was robbed!" feeling a bit, as Max George explained, "This never happens to us. We've never won anything before...We never expected this at all...To win this and beat the people that we have just shows that our fans are real troopers..."

Wait. Was he dissing One Direction?

Nathan Sykes added, "Over Christmas, I was sat down with my mum and we were kind of talking: 'What do you want to do this year?' and I said, 'The one thing I want to do is win a massive award...', so this is unbelievable."

The guys had many thanks for Ellen DeGeneres for helping them out, even breaking into "Afternoon Delight," which Max explained, "We actually said that we'd do a song for Ellen if did win."

Do you think the People's Choice Awards voting was rigged, or did The Wanted deserve it?

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