Which Judge Quit 'X Factor?' Britney Spears or Demi Lovato? And Why? Find Out!

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Who would you like to see as a new judge?

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Aww man, y'all!

TMZ is reporting that X-Factor judge Britney Spears is quitting her multi-million dollar judging gig!

After weeks of speculation that Brit-Brit was getting fired because she was too quiet and boring on the show, she's decided to step down.

Sources close to her are saying she's not quitting because of any show drama, she just simply wants to work on music. She's actually back in the studio working on her eighth album now and could possibly have a world tour up her sleeve. Not to mention, she doesn't really need the X-Factor money...girl's got bank already!

The news of Britney's departure comes just weeks after fellow judge L.A. Reid announced he wouldn't be returning for Season 3. So now, Simon Cowell has TWO seats to fill!

Do you think Britney bailed because she really wants to work on music or is there another reason? Who would you like to see as the new judges? Let us know what you think!

Why do you think Britney Spears is quitting the show?
To work on music!345 (22.3%)
Because she didn't want to get fired first!720 (46.5%)
To spend time with her family and prep for that wedding!74 (4.8%)
Probably because of drama with the other judges!66 (4.3%)
Who knows!343 (22.2%)

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