Zayn Malik Tweets Sleeping Harry Styles Pic: Harry Plots Revenge!

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Harry Styles sleeping--cutest pic ever?

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Oh, One Direction pranky funtime! Zayn Malik tweeted a pic of Harry Styles sleeping today to their loyal followers--and Harry wasn't too happy!

Cheeky Zayn posted the snoozy photo of Harry (taken while he was unaware of any hijinks, poor chap), writing, "Harry wake up!! :D"

Harry, later finding out about the tweet, seemed a little grumpy about the pic (well, we're sure he's not really mad), writing, "@zaynmalik I have just seen this. I feel so vulnerable. I am going to destroy you. Grrrrrr"

We can only hope that means some form of revenge, though seeing sleeping pics of Zayn is nothing new!

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