Justin Bieber Look-Alike Getting Blamed for Reported Pot Smoking Pictures! Your Thoughts?

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They say everyone has a twin somewhere out there! As for Justin Bieber, his HAS to be 18-year-old Robin Verrecas. (And no, it's not a girl this time...)

With over 50,000 followers on Twitter, Robin has gained popularity because of his JB resemblance but is also pleading with many Beliebers to stop blaming him for Justin's mistakes too.

Justin's fans are accusing Robin of being the one in the alleged pot-smoking pictures!

"the guy on that weed picture ISN'T me!! I SWEAR! @justinbieber please tell them the truth," Verrecas tweeted, "i'm a belieber! so if it was me...why would i do this to justin? THINK!!?? i don't smoke," Robin tweeted in response.

Beliebers, brace yourself, but you're going to have to realize that Justin was the guy in the weed-smoking pictures! Don't you think his camp would've released a statement saying it was Robin if it was?

Robin doesn't think it was Bieber in the pictures either though, he thinks they're fake.

One thing is for sure, Robin DEF looks like The Biebs! From his style to his face, they're basically identical. Justin should really look into using him as a body double to fake out the paparazzi!

Do you think Robin was the one in the marijuana party pictures? Does Robin look like Justin? Let us know what you think!

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