Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift Stun in Low-Cut Dresses! Planned Payback for Justin Bieber and Harry Styles?

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Justin Bieber eat your heart out!

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Justin Bieber
is probably kicking himself over this one!

Selena Gomez stunned everyone last night when she showed up at a Vogue event looking gorgeous AND sexy as ever!

Wearing a turquoise Alberta Ferretti dress, Selena made her first post-breakup appearance and looked anything but sad.

Her dress was VERY low-cut, something we've never really seen on her before. The killer look was complete with dark red lipstick and simple jewelry.

Perhaps she was trying to relay a "look what you're missing out on" message to Justin? C'mon, every girl has done it!

Is it also a coincidence that Selena's BFF Taylor Swift showed up to the People's Choice Awards this week in a similar, sexy dress?

Taylor's white ensemble was VERY low-cut and it was her first post-breakup appearance as well!

Do you think Sel and Tay called each other up and planned this one? We think so! Like we mentioned before, almost EVERY girl tries to look stunning after a breakup...just so he knows what he's missing!

Planned or not, we think both of them looked awesome! Do you think Harry Styles and Justin Bieber are upset they let them go?

Did Selena and Taylor dress sexy on purpose?
YES! They SO wanted the guys to realize their mistakes!618 (58.3%)
NO! I don't think they'd do that.216 (20.4%)
Maybe!226 (21.3%)

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Gallery | Selena Gomez's Red Carpet Style

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