Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Breakup Song: "I'm Alright," Plus Lyrics

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Listen to the Taylor Swift breakup song about Harry Styles, "I'm Alright."

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After Taylor Swift tweeted yesterday that she's back in the studio, people figured it would only be a matter of time before we heard a Harry Styles breakup song.

That time is now...listen to the Haylor breakup anthem "I'm Alright--Taylor Swift Break-up Song Foretell (original)," that was originally mistaken as a new Taylor song leaked online.

JerseygreenII posted the song to her Soundcloud account and it took off from there--and it's a pretty kick-ass breakup tune.

Give "I'm Alright" a listen and peep the lyrics, which include references to Harry's hair and eyes, as well as a shoutout to their NYC romance and holding hands ("New York City, what a beauty to our eyes").

She even sings about Harry being naked, with the lyric: "You walk around naked and cover my eyes."

"I'm alright" touches on the reason behind the split as well: "Maybe you're right about this, we're busy people with busy lives."

The singer tweeted an explanation for the Taylor Swift breakup song, writing: "I actually tried my very best to write it without saying a single bad thing about Harry Styles."

She added, "I tried my best to make the lyrics and chords sound like Taylor Swift to make the foretell even more realistic."

We'd say she nailed it.

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