Did Justin Bieber Slap a Fan? Watch the Video and Decide for Yourself!

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Was she trying to take his glove? %VIRTUAL-Gallery-175027%

Whoa! Did Justin Bieber REALLY just slap his fan? That's kind of what it looks like!

While performing at his recent show in Little Rock, singing "Beauty and the Beat," it looks like JB slaps a Belieber after he grabs her hand and she tries to take his glove.

While the video on YouTube is shot from behind him, it's hard to tell if he actually hit her in the face or what.

From what we see, we think she just grabbed the glove a little too hard and when he went to grab it back, it flung back and hit her. He easily could've been trying to swat her away from his pricey glove too...hey, we don't really blame him!

This isn't the first time Justin's gotten feisty with his unruly fans. He's yelled at them at an airport before and for throwing their cell phones on stage too.

What do you think of these slapping allegations? Peep the video footage below and decide what he did for yourself!


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