Harry Styles Hair Talk: Will Harry Get His Hair Cut Soon?

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Harry Styles with short hair--can you imagine?
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Harry Styles' hair has become the stuff of legends--and don't expect that to change any time soon.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, they say, and in the case of Harry's hair, we'd say he's got a lock on a very good thing.

Harry was asked about the possibility of cutting his hair during a recent interview with Access Hollywood, where Niall was quick to respond, "I can't see Harry changing his hair."

Liam, however, didn't agree, saying, "I reckon Harry's gonna go my way," referencing his own buzz cut makeover.

Louis thinks Harry will go the long haul with his wavy flip, noting, "Harry won't change his hair until he goes bald, I don't think."

Harry took on his best old man voice, saying, "I'll be like 'I've still got long haaaaiiir'," though Louis noted it could end up being "no hair at the top and just curls at the side" at some point.

Harry joked, "Just one piece of hair."

A One Direction combover? Uh...no.

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