'Switched At Birth' Tour of Bay Kennish's Room With Vanessa Marano!

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Find out what Bay Kennish is obsessed with, according to Vanessa Marano! We love a well decorated room!

When we went to visit the set of Switched At Birth, Vanessa Marano gave us a tour of her character Bay Kennish's room, and we have to admit that we're a bit jealous!

While Vanessa feels bad that her bed in real life is never made, she has a guess as to why Bay's bed is always the picture of perfection. "I have a theory that the Kennish family has a maid that we never see," Vanessa told us.

Vanessa pointed out that Bay is a huge fan of one thing, "Bay is obsessed with Frida Kahlo," said Vanessa, "It's not healthy, but whatever, we all have our own things." We'll have to keep an eye out for more Frida references on the show.

Watch the clip (above) to see Vanessa show us more cool things from Bay's room!

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