Selena Gomez and Barbara Palvin Photographed Partying Together...What?!

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Are you as shocked as we are?
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Josh Hutcherson wasn't the only person hanging out with Selena Gomez at a Golden Globes after party!

According to, Selena found time to snap photos with Barbara Palvin!

Yep, Sel hung out with the girl who is rumored to have been the reason she and Justin Bieber recently split.

In the pic (click here to see it!), you can see the two of them posing for a cute picture together. It almost looks like one's trying to out-do the other though. What do you think?

Barb is the Victoria's Secret model Justin took pictures with and posted online while he was supposedly still with Selena. She's also the one who later, reportedly, posted a video online saying she doesn't like Selena...ouch!

Jelena broke up right before New Year's Eve and it was said that it was because of a fight that started... because of Barbara.

What do you think about Selena and Barbara hanging out? We just think it's awkward!

Let us know your thoughts!

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