Selena Gomez's Latest Tweets: Messages to Justin Bieber or Just Showing Fan Love?

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Selena Gomez doesn't tweet a lot but when she does it's always something pretty interesting...

She really got people talking when she talked about her dance version video of Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble" on Twitter yesterday.

"youtubeing & had no idea there were so mny versions of the dance "Me and My Girls" I love my fans so much so wanted to share some of my fav," she posted.

She then sent out individual tweets of fan "IKYWT" videos.

Fans started tweeting about Sel's "IKYWT" posts, saying they were hidden messages to Justin Bieber.


It's definitely obvious she's going through a rough time right now. On January 7, she posted a pic of a pine tree with the caption, "Thanks for listening, bet you understand."

Maybe that was a jab at Justin too? Perhaps she hit him with a "you never listen to me" when they broke up?

Do you think Selena's latest tweets have been aimed at Justin? Maybe we're just reading into them way too much...?

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