Which Justin Bieber Look Do You Prefer? Swaggy or Sophisticated?

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Justin Bieber made us LOL when he posted a picture on his Instagram account the other day!

The pic was of him in some REALLY tight, hiked up jeans and a white tank top. He added the caption, "to those of u who tell me not to sag my pants. Double think that. "

Justin Bieber

Needless to say, it was Justin's way of trying to be funny AND make a statement. Honestly, we weren't feeling the tight jeans look...at all. And seriously Justin, EAT something!

He's gotten a lot of slack about his fashion choices lately. With his MC Hammer low crotch pants to his leather vests, Bieber's clothes always make a loud statement.

Which way do you prefer to see Bieber dressed? Do you like his swaggy baggy pants look or his sophisticated tight jeans style? Let us know!

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