Which Singer Only Made $1.63 for Writing One of Miley Cyrus' Biggest Hits?

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Miley Cyrus has blessed us with some awesome tunes in the past courtesy of other pop stars!

Singer Jessie J wrote the lyrics for Miley's major hit "Party in the U.S.A." and apparently pop singer Ke$ha has lent her talent to Miley as well!

Ke$ha recently told Seventeen Magazine that she only made $1.63 for co-penning Miley's tune "The Time of Our Lives."

"It was like $1.63 cents for a song I wrote--I think for Miley Cyrus. It was an embarrassingly tiny amount. But I never cashed it, and it's on a bulletin board in my house."

LOL! She has no hard feelings towards Miley though!

She also said, "Writing for Miley was fun 'cause I think she's funny. I met her and I liked her vibe, so I was like, 'OK, I'll write, like, a party song for a younger crowd.'"

Ke$ha's musical talents showed up and paid off in other ways! Her songs are always chart toppers and her shows are the best parties to go to! It's kind of funny to think she started out helping Miley!

Did you know Ke$ha was a songwriter? Can you tell she helped write Miley's song?

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