Is Taylor Swift's Crazy Dating Life Turning Fans Off? We Think So!

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Taylor Swift
might want to chill out on the guys! It seems like her serial dating is starting to turn a lot of her fans off!

Take a look on Twitter or on the net really quick and it's obvious that Taylor gets a lot of slack from people. Most of them are haters who care way too much about her on-going relationships with like every hot celebrity out there but some are fans too!

Since her days of getting her award snatched from Kanye West, it seems like everyone has been pro-Taylor and looked at her as the innocent one. Now, that seems to be changing. People don't seem to take her as seriously and kind of think she's promiscuous. Her dating life was even joked about at the Golden Globes earlier this week!

Since she began in the music business a few years ago, it was obvious that she writes songs about her personal relationships and we dig that. What we don't like is how she tries to use her relationship drama to sell her songs!

For example, Tay recently went on Twitter to say she's writing new songs and then added an "uh-oh" at the end of her tweet, making tons of people assume she's writing about One Direction's Harry Styles. Is she trying to rake in money from dating Harry? That is kind of what it seems like!

We all know Taylor will ALWAYS have her TRUE fans but as for her older, on the fence fans, that might not be the case!

We miss the old Taylor who wrote about country roads, guitars and dreams. We don't want EVERY song of hers to be about some crappy guy! And we SO don't want her to turn into one of those celebs who only care about money and publicity!

Do you think Taylor's relationship drama song writing is a little of an overkill nowadays? Or do you appreciate how she mixes her real life into her music?



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