Justin Bieber Reportedly Only Wants to Date Models Since His Split with Selena Gomez! Your Thoughts?

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Justin Bieber knows what kind of girls he can get and any average Julie isn't going to be his boo!

According to US Weekly, Justin has had a lot of fun hanging out with models in New York and loves to throw frat party style parties at his Los Angeles mansion.

We aren't surprised by these new reports at all. Justin was quite the gawker while performing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in November and he even went on a "friend date" with model Barbara Palvin while he was with Selena!

Bieber's also not shy when it comes to getting his partying on! A few weeks ago he was caught drinking and smoking pot!

According to the pub, Justin's trying to shed his little boy image and doesn't want to date an immature girl. Who says models aren't immature?

We think Justin just knows what he can get and wants an attractive girl! We think Selena Gomez is as beautiful as ANY model out there!

Do you think it's shallow Justin reportedly only has his eyes on models? Do you think it's true? Let us know!

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