Lindsey Shaw: "I'm Definitely a Girl That Gets Swept Up"

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Lindsey's got something in common with the character she plays in her new movie, 'Love Me'!

How can you not love Lindsey Shaw?

We gave our good friend Lindsey a call because we had to find out about her new movie, Love Me, what she would put on a mix CD and her idea of romance.

In Love Me, Lindsey plays Sylvia Potter, "She is an artist above anything. She loves old movies. She lives on the outside and has a great group of friends," said Lindsey. "She sort of falls in love with Lucas Green, the bad boy of life. He's been what she's been looking for and she's been what he's been looking for in a very odd way."

What is Lindsey and Sylvia's biggest similarity? "She is blinded from the start, by her feelings for this guy. She falls hard and so do I, without really looking," Lindsey told us. "I'm definitely a girl that gets swept up."

In the movie, Sylvia gets a mix CD from Lucas, and we just had to find out what Lindsey's top three songs would be if she made her own. "I would want 'Wonderful Tonight' by Eric Clapton, 'Home' by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Florence and the Machine songs," Lindsey shared. She couldn't remember the name of her fave Florence song (don't you hate it when that happens?) but said, "It's like number nine on her CD."

Mix CD's are just one of the romantic gestures in the movie. Lindsey told us what makes the biggest impression on her in that department. "Little details like having your car cleaned, I don't need anything huge and crazy," she said. "It's beautiful if you want to go there, but I just like the simple things that are done really well."

We're not sure who we'd choose to play us if our life story was ever turned into a film, but but Lindsey sure does. "Lindsey Shaw," she told us. Wait, Lindsey would play herself? "Yeah, because at this point in my life, there's nobody else that can tell this story," she said.

We love "The Lindsey Shaw" story so far and can't wait to hear more of it.

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