Nikki Reed Reveals The Gift Kristen Stewart Stole Her From 'Twilight' Set!

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Find out what special item K. Stew snagged for Nikki when filming wrapped! The Twilight saga is officially over but thanks to Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed will always have a special on set souvenir.

"I didn't take anything because I'm terrified I'm going to get in trouble like all the time," Nikki told us at Gillette's Kiss and Tell event in NYC yesterday.

But luckily her costar snagged her something special.

"The first film we shot, many years ago now, I wore these cool baseball shoes and I loved them so much and Kristen went back to do reshoots and she knew how much I loved them so she grabbed them for me," Nikki shared exclusively.

Don't expect to see her wearing them in public, though.

"I have those although I can't do anything with them because they're full of mud and I don't want to wash them because it takes away what they represent," she laughed.

As for whether the cast will stay in touch now that the franchise is finally wrapped, Nikki is hopeful it'll happen.

"Listen, the truth is everyone gets busy and it's always challenging to keep in touch with people you work with for years after because everyone is off to do other movies and you really have to make a conscious effort to get everyone together because we have a huge cast but we all love and care about each other so much, I can't see why not," Nikki explained, adding: "Well, I don't know about everyone. There's like 30 of us!"

Check back for the rest of our interview with Nikki where she talks about married life with her American Idol alum husband Paul McDonald!


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