Are Selena Gomez's Parents Happy She's Not With Justin Bieber?

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Sel's parents aren't suffering from Bieber fever, that's for sure!

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Selena Gomez might've been in love with Justin Bieber but her parents weren't!

According to, Selena Gomez's mother, Mandy Cornett, and her step dad are kind of happy she split with the pop star! A source told US Weekly that Sel's mom recently told her that Justin is nothing but trouble and that he's a bad influence too!

Coincidentally enough, Justin was caught not even a week after their breakup smoking marijuana with his pal Lil Twist at a hotel party.

It's being reported that Selena's mom was actually the person who made her come home early while she was vacationing fighting with Justin in Mexico. She's was worried for her daughter's safety. Not to mention, Selena was overheard saying Justin was really mean to her during their big blowout.

We think Selena's realizing now that maybe she and Justin weren't on the same page after all and perhaps her mom knew it all along. They do say mother knows best!

It's also being reported that Justin wants to get back with Selena but she's not having it at all.

Selena recently tweeted about new beginnings and has even posted a dance video to Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble," a clear message to Bieber. It seems like she's already over her Bieber fever!

Do you blame Selena's parents for feeling the way they do towards Bieber? Do you think Sel's over Justin?

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