Kendall Jenner Rumored to be Dating Justin Bieber's BFF!

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Kendall JennerLil Twist Instagram

Justin Bieber's BFF, Lil Twist, is keeping up with the Kardashians Jenners!

Twist posted a gorgeous photo of Kendall Jenner on his Instagram account last night with the caption, "Self Explanatory..... (Tbh don't really care who don't like it)!"

After he posted her pic, Miss Jenner went to her Twitter account and expressed some frustration.

"Unbelievable," she said. "I can not wait to have my own place."

Yikes! Maybe she was yelled at for hanging out with Twist or because he basically announced they're dating? Or perhaps she just came home too late?

We all know how her parents are. Kris would totally get upset if she did anything to harm her career and Bruce would be ticked off if she actually did come home late.

Either way, we know the two celebs are hanging out and he apparently doesn't care who knows!

If she did get in trouble for being with him, maybe it's because he was reportedly with Justin Bieber when he was drinking and caught smoking pot? That couldn't be good for Kendall's squeaky clean reputation.

Do you think Lil Twist and Kendall Jenner make a cute couple? Did you see this one coming?

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