Justin Bieber Butt Flashes His Fans, Instagrams Picture of His Rear!

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Justin Bieber's buttInstagram

Did you guys see the moon yesterday?

We aren't talking about the one in the sky...we're talking about Justin Bieber's butt!

The newly rebellious Bieber posted a picture of his rear on his Instagram account making Beliebers all over go crazy.

Biebs later deleted the shot but not before all of us could grab it! According to his manager Scooter Braun, it was all in good fun. (Isn't that what he's supposed to say?)

In response, Braun tweeted, "as a prankster u have to respect another good prank. only makes sense. #crackdealer." The Biebs responded with a simple "haha."

Hmm! Do we sense some sarcasm from JB?

We think the picture is pretty LOL-worthy and is just more proof that he's becoming more rebellious these days. It almost seems like he's trying to tick his team off on purpose...or give them heart attacks too! Or maybe he's just tired of being treated like a kid and doesn't really care what people think anymore?

What are your thoughts on Bieber's butt flash?



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