Selena Gomez UNICEF Concert: Sings "Cry Me a River," Says Song "Definitely Speaks" to Her

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Do you think the song was a message to Justin Bieber?
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Selena Gomez's annual UNICEF concert in New York City was Saturday night and it left many wondering what really happened between her and Justin Bieber!

While looking adorable as ever, Selena did the whole acoustic show thing. She even decided to do her own rendition of Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River"...a song Justin Bieber likes to cover as well!

She introduced the song by saying, "This song definitely speaks to me." And look at the way she looks at the camera like she's singing to someone (ahem, BIEBER!).

One thing's for sure, this was definitely a stab at Justin. How could it not be? She knows that people would put it together. He was the one who sang the same song at one of his shows whenever the Jelena breakup rumors began in November.

Her choice of song also makes us wonder if Justin did actually cheat on her? We all know this song was about Britney Spears supposedly cheating on Justin T. back in the day. Maybe Jelena look at themselves as the modern-day Brit and JT? We can see it!

Perhaps things went too far between Justin and Barbara Palvin?

Hmm! It sure does make you wonder doesn't it?!

Check out Selena singing the tune below! Are you feelin' her version?

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