Harry Styles Tattoo Addiction: Is it Dangerous?

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Harry Styles' tattoo artist warns getting do-it-yourself tats is dangerous.
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There's no denying that most of the One Direction guys are fans of tattoos--but could Harry Styles' apparent ink addiction be dangerous?

To be clear, it's not the quantity of tattoos Harry has, but the quality that his tattoo artist, Kevin Paul, is concerned about.

He's talking about the do-it-yourself tattoo variety, with a kit that Harry was rumored to have bought to let his friends ink him.

Obviously, doing it at home is a lot riskier than having a professional do the job.

Kevin tells The Sun, "I tried to explain to him what the risks were but he doesn't seem to care."

There are definitely risks with DIY tattoos, including infections and hepatitis C.

Stay safe, Harry!

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