Hot Chelle Rae: Why They're Not Afraid of "Horrible Ex-Girlfriends!"

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The band explains how real life makes its way into their writing Hot Chelle Rae heart their jobs.

"We don't consider writing working," band member Ryan Follese told us at Rock The Red Kettle. In fact, in their downtime it's the first thing they look to do.

HCR is aiming to release some new music soon. Be ready for the same sound you love but with a more mature spin. The guys are getting older, after all. "It's a bit of a departure, in the sense that parts of it are a little more grown up," Ryan said. "Playing all over the world kind of transforms you."

Hit the clip above to hear Nash Overstreet explain how nothing, even horrible ex-girlfriends, can get in the way of the band making great music.

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