One Direction on Friendship, Fashion, Girls: They Love a Girl in a Dress and Converse!

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The One Direction guys talk friendship and fashion--too cute! %VIRTUAL-Gallery-173799%
Time for another interview with One Direction--this time they're talking about their friendship and...girls.

In a new Elle Girl Japan interview, 1D talks about how they're not only an uber-popular boy band, but also really good friends.

Of course, it took some adjusting to get the mix just right, but they get along like they've known each other forever.

Zayn explained, "I think in terms of how our relationships have developed, we kind of understand each other's boundaries a lot more now--in terms of, if somebody's a bit tired not to annoy them, or if somebody's a bit upset, like you know, you might need to speak to them or whatever...yeah, we just have a lot more level of understanding amongst us now."

Harry added, "I think in terms of how we make sure that we stay friends is we kind of built the relationship the right way when we first got put together. We had this time when we had like, a week together to practice. I think we sang probably in total for like, an hour."

He added, "I think the rest of the time we played football and ran around, watched films...We made sure that we became friends first before we started trying to be like, working together."

Louis said, "I think when it comes down to like friendships like this, it either works or it doesn't. We're just lucky that we all do get on really well...and it's just natural."

Their style? Well, Zayn explains all: Niall is "casual," Liam "dresses quite smart," Harry "dresses quite preppy," Louis is a "cool, surfer boy" and Zayn likes "an urban thing with a little bit of rockiness."

How about the fashion they like on girls? Listen up!

Harry says, "I love girls that wear a dress and Converse. That is so hot."

All around, they like girls in jeans and a t-shirt.


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