Ariana Grande Does Jai Brooks Makeup in Adorable YouTube Video

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Watch as Ariana Grande does boyfriend Jai Brooks' makeup. SO cute!

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The cutest celeb couple just keep getting saw Ariana Grande and bf Jai Brooks in the "Boyfriend Does My Makeup" video, but now they've got a new YouTube vid to share.

Behold...Ariana does Jai's makeup!

Ariana tweeted the video, with this in the description: "Me torturing my boyfriend as per your request. He's a trooper lol. Enjoy! Xoxo"

He is a total trooper--sitting through while Ariana (though more clued in than when Jai tried to do her makeup!) applies a whole lineup of products.

Stay for the end to see the final product and a bonus--Jai puts on some of Ariana's clothes to complete the look!

He even says he looks hot!

They're so cute together.

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