'American Idol' Season 12, Episode 2 Recap: Nicki and Mariah's Epic Catfight?

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It's on! In tonight's episode, Nicki and Mariah come to blows in Charlotte...but was their spat blown out of proportion?
Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! In tonight's American Idol episode, the judges are in Charlotte and you're gonna want to fasten your seatbelt, because it's going to be a bumpy ride...or so Fox wants us to believe.

Clearly, they're capitalizing on the Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj fight, as they tease their big blowup from the get go in tonight's show. With all the drama coming up, the contestants weren't all that interesting but one country crooner named Jimmy who sang a Rascal Flatts song got a yes from the judges.

But as the auditions went on, the judges couldn't agree on anything. And when Summer entered the room, things got ugly. After she said she "already did the country thing", Keith Urban got a bit annoyed. And as Mariah gave her opinion, Nicki couldn't stop rolling her eyes. When it was her turn to vote, Nicki went off, saying "You guys made this into a country debate".

When Mariah interjected, the Nicki train kept rolling. "I'm going to keep speaking," she said, although Randy Jackson jumped in too, saying they were trying to help Summer. Nicki cursed and walked off the panel.

Flash to news reports about production being shutdown on set, but the next day, Nicki returns and things seem okay. For all that hype about the huge throwdown between Nicki and Mariah, we were expecting to see more fur fly than what actually happened tonight. Sure, Nicki lost her temper, but this was not the epic clash we were promised.

The night ends on a happy, emotional note when all the judges vote through Charlotte, who brings her adorable daughter with her. Were you disappointed by the so-called "drama" or are you glad the girls are getting along again?

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