Louis Tomlinson Girlfriend's Facebook Hacked: Eleanor Calder Deactivates Account

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Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend's Facebook hacked!

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Louis Tomlinson
's girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, has had to deactivate her Facebook account after it was hacked earlier this week.

Eleanor's private photos were leaked on the Facebook account by a hacker, forcing her to shut down the account.

A fan tweeted: "I feel so bad, how are all of your pictures getting out!?"

Eleanor responded, "I don't know :( I've had to deactivate my Facebook again now! Xx"

This isn't the first time Eleanor has had to deactivate her account over hacker issues--it happened last year as well.

Niall Horan was recently on the receiving end of some hacking lately too--both his Instagram and Twitter were hacked.

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