Separated at Birth? Glee's Alex Newell and Amber Riley!

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"I'm actually her twin brother," says Alex. This is the type of diva that we like!

When Alex Newell from Glee stopped by our studio to do a couch sesh, big names like Amber Riley, Darren Criss and Beyonce were topics of conversation!

Not only is Beyonce the best thing since sliced bread according to Alex, but "Diva" would be the song track that best represents his life!

Alex has a total blast with his Glee costars, but do you know who he's particularly close with? "Amber Riley, maybe because we're separated at birth and I'm actually her twin brother," Alex told us. Now that would make an entertaining, soap-opera-inspired episode.

Alex also revealed his Glee Secret Santa. "I had Darren Criss," he said, "Which I know makes all of you jealous." Umm, yes!

Watch the highlight clip (above) and click here to see the couch sesh in full.

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