Harry Styles Kisses "Like a Snail:" Taylor Swift Reportedly Said Harry's a Bad Kisser!

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Harry Styles is a bad kisser, according to a new report. Can't be.
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Harry Styles must be a good kisser, right? According to a new report, Taylor Swift told her friends that Harry kisses like a snail!

Uh...how many times have Hazza fans dreamt of those lips--never once imagining a smooch that would be on par with a slimy snail.

A source told Star magazine (via HollywoodLife.com) that Taylor said Harry "kissed like a snail. Eventually Taylor found it hard not to be grossed out."

Will the Haylor breakup drama escalate into a war of words? Or is this just the latest silly rumor to circulate about Harry and Taylor?

Because, honestly? Harry a bad kisser? We don't see it.

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