Harry Styles: Villain of the Year? One Direction Nominated for Worst Band?

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Harry Styles--a villain? We're not seeing it!
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Yesterday, we reported Harry Styles made a hottest hunk list...and who were we to argue?

Harry's nomination for Villain of the Year, however, is a real head scratcher.

NME, a British music magazine, nominated Harry for the villainous honor, as well as named One Direction the worst band of the year.

Is it opposite day or something?

Other Villain of the Year nominees include: UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Skrillex, Fred Macpherson, Azealia Banks and PSY.

We honestly can't figure out why Harry would be seen as a villain.

Is it because Hazza fans felt like he lied to them about dating Taylor?

Or is it because he and Taylor were joined at the hip for a short time?

One Direction is nominated along with other worst band contenders: Muse, Mumford & Sons, Alt-J, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber.

Really? Something tells us NME is succeeding at getting loads of attention for their picks because there's no way these awards are grounded in reality, that's for sure.

1D were nominated for Worst Band and Worst Album by NME last year, winning Worst Band.

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