Justin Bieber Radio Host Drama: Did He Really Curse at Her and Spit in Her Drink at the Gym?

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Whoa, Justin Bieber must be having some serious personal issues right now or something...

A North Carolina radio host is claiming that Justin was way beyond rude to her the other day when she ran into him at a Charlotte Ritz-Carlton gym.

Radio host Colette Harrington Schwoeri took to Facebook, claiming she had an unpleasant run-in with the Biebs while they were both getting their workout on.

"He is with a trainer and I think one of his backup dancers. I lay low waiting for a chance to introduce myself and get a photo with him...'Hi I am Colette Harrington, I host the Sweet Carolina radio show.' He said, 'good for you.' I asked, 'would be okay if I got a picture?' and he told me 'no.' Which was fine with me since I can understand not wanting someone taking my picture when I am sleeveless and sweaty," she wrote on her Facebook page Tuesday.

She then claims Bieber and his people began to mock her and make fun of her while she was counting her reps out loud.

"I continue with my workout. I always count out loud my reps," Colette wrote.

"Then Justin starts imitating me and whenever I'd get to 20 he and his buddy would say 'Shut the F--k up.' I was stunned. They start complaining how they are so hungover from drinking-some drink that I never heard of before. I ignore them and keep doing my counting only in a quieter voice but they keep saying "Shut the F'up" whenever I get to 20. I am ready to punch one of them in the face or cry. I could not decide which since I felt like I was back in grade school and being made fun of," she explained.

How sad is that?! We thought he was against bullying?!

Her post gets even more interesting...

"Then they start talking about spitting in people's drinks and that tonight at their concert yell, "remember when you drank my spit." Justin guzzled his blue Gatorade and spits in it. So I think that they're finally off of my back but NO! They start imitating my counting again even though I am whispering. I keep on ignoring them because I am not going to cause a scene at the Ritz or lower myself to their level. Much to my relief the back singer started talking about his GF. But then started saying things about her being a virgin because she is a Muslim and has a strict Father. And so he knows that when he marries her- he'll be the first. FINALLY I had enough. (30 minutes of this crap) I left my workout station, my water bottle, mat and weights and go to the other room. I rolled my eyes at them but said NOTHING. After a few minutes I hear the door slamming so I know they left. I go back to working out and a take drink from my water bottle only it is Justin's blue Gatorade. I spit it out right way thinking about his disgusting spit. I did not look at my water bottle before taking a drink. Ty Justin-I am putting your bottle and spit up on E BAY. Hopefully it will raise enough money to re build the kitchen at the Ronald Mc Donald House in Charleston. I go there to cook for the families of sick children. They need a better kitchen.

Bieber's people have denied all of these allegations, but she's sticking to her story.

Colette has recently gone to Facebook again to talk about how she's been misquoted and that Bieber did not actually spit in HER drink. She accidentally picked up and drank from his already spit-in water bottle.

So, whose story do you believe? Honestly, we're beliebers to the fullest, but in this case, even though her story is really rambling, we kind of have to take Colette's side! Why would she make all of this up? Why wouldn't he take a picture with her? It's because of his fans that he has money, fame, cars, model girlfriends, etc. And why would he say, "Good for you," when she introduced herself? Who does that?

It just seems like Justin is kind of in jerk mode these days. There's talk of him cheating on Selena Gomez several times, being mean to her in Mexico, partying, and smoking too. It's obvious he's having some kind of personal crisis or something right now. Maybe he's trying to be rebellious or something? Whatever it is, we aren't diggin' it!

What are your thoughts on this whole thing? Let us know!




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