Selena Gomez Reveals Her Valentine's Day Plans!

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Can we expect Selena Gomez to spend her Valentine's Day this year with Justin Bieber? Probably not.

In a recent interview with FuseTV, Selena said she doesn't have any special plans that day.

"No, I think I'm in the booth. I think I'm recording," she admitted.

Ugh, lame! She has to have something planned! Maybe with Josh Hutcherson or Nat Wolff?

The upcoming love birds holiday might be a tough one for Sel. Last year Justin got them a fancy suite in New York City and went to Disneyland with his family too!

We aren't sure if being in the studio even compares to that...

Selena's BFF Taylor Swift will probably be lonely on V-day too, maybe the two of them can hang out and write songs about Bieber and Harry Styles? That would be pretty awesome.

Do you think Selena will eventually have more exciting Valentine's Day plans? What do you plan on doing for V-Day this year? Let us know!

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