Justin Bieber New 'Believe 3D' Movie Confirmed!

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Never Say Never! Justin Bieber IS making another 3D movie!

There were rumors there was another Bieber flick in the works after fans saw production signs outside a concert venue he was set to perform at recently. While JB didn't deny or confirm the movie news then, he has done so now!

On Twitter Saturday night, he posted, "And yeah word is out .. We are shooting a movie here in Miami. Need u all live tomorrow again!!"

Justin's dancer and BFF confirmed the Never Say Never 2.0 project too!

"So Miami, help us celebrate tonight & make this a show AND a movie we'll never forget! #BELIEVE3D," Carlena Britch, one of Justin's dancers, tweeted.

""Making another movie! Looks sick. Pretty coo! Pretty coo!," Justin's pal Alfredo Flores put on Twitter.

We're guessing JB's new movie is going to be pretty similar to Never Say Never with more concert footage than anything. It'll probably follow him recording Believe: Acoustic too!

Maybe it'll showcase some of his Selena Gomez relationship drama too?

Yeah right, like her people would really let that one go down...

Are you going to check out Justin's new movie when it's released?

Don't forget to grab his new acoustic album when it hits stores on January 29!

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