We're "Hung Up" on Hot Chelle Rae's New Single!

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Listen to the band's brand new song! The wait is over! They promised they'd do it in January, and Hot Chelle Rae has just released a new single. The band posted the new track titled "Hung Up" on their YouTube page, with a promise of more new music coming soon.

When we caught up with HCR at Rock the Red Kettle, the band talked about writing and recording, as well as how their sound has evolved.

"It's a bit of a departure, in the sense that parts of it are a little more grown up," said lead singer Ryan Follese. "Playing all over the world kind of transforms you."

While band member Nash Overstreet agrees that traveling and even horrible ex-girlfriends can influence songwriting, he says the band always stays true to their classic HCR style.

"I think the one thing our fans can always count on from us is our sound is always the same as far as it's us," said Nash. "Every time you hear it, it's just the new model."

The band says that their 2013 New Year's Resolution is to finish their new album. Let's hope they stick to it! After hearing "Hung Up," we can't wait for more music from HCR.

Listen to the new single below!

"Hung Up" will be available on iTunes on February 12th.

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