Gallery | How Bieber Went Bad

Justin Bieber just can't get a break these days!

First he was accused of being a gym bully in North Carolina and now a concert venue employee in Canada is accusing him (or one of his people) of assault!

According to TMZ, a female employee of the venue Justin was performing at has filed a police report claiming Bieber or someone associated with him assaulted her.

The woman reported she was hit by something while Justin was at the venue...the foamy dart from a Nerf Gun!

JB was playing with his little brother and sister when the lady was allegedly hit by a dart.

She reportedly freaked out on Bieber's people and filed a police report. Police are now investigating the whole thing.

Sadly, we aren't making this up. Is this a scream for money?

Do you think this lady is going too far or does she have a case of assault? Let us know!

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