Taylor Swift Picks Fan Up for Lunch Thanks to Twitter Trend!

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Thanks to Twitter, one Taylor Swift fan's dream came true.
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Taylor Swift isn't letting her recent breakup with Harry Styles effect her love for her fans!

On Twitter, the hash tag #OperationGetKaylaToMeetTaylorSwift helped a T-Swift fan get to Nashville to meet and eat lunch with her favorite signer.

Kayla Kincannon has been fighting brain cancer since 2011 but has been a Taylor fan for much longer than that. When all she wanted was to meet Tay, her family made it their goal to make it happen.

Kayla's story spread on the Internet and later she updated her own Facebook status to give everyone some awesome news.

"My mom received a call from a little lady named Andrea Swift, and apparently I'll be busy Saturday (Jan. 19) waiting for Taylor Swift's tour bus to arrive to pick me up at the place I'm staying in TN, on a four hour drive to take me to lunch with a little known country singer named Taylor Swift," she posted.

Their lunch date lasted two hours.

Click here to read more about Kayla's story!

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