Did 'Glee' Steal "Baby Got Back"? Jonathan Coulton Fires Back

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Did Glee steal a cover version of "Baby Got Back"?

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If you found yourself digging the Glee version of "Baby Got Back" on last week's "Sadie Hawkins" episode, you may want to check out Jonathan Coulton's version.

There's some controversy swirling that Glee stole Jonathan's version of "Baby Got Back," as they are beyond similar.

Some might say the two are even the exact same, right down to the line in Coulton's cover, "Johnny C's in trouble," instead of the original "Sir Mix-a-Lot's in trouble."

Of course, the original "Baby Got Back" was an anthem back in the day, but Jonathan took all the goodness of the tune and mellowed it out, resulting in a very cool version of the 90s song.

Fox's people contacted Jonathan's agents, as he updated fans, writing on his blog, "They also got in touch with my peeps to basically say that they're within their legal rights to do this, and that I should be happy for the exposure."

He did not get a credit in the episode.

Jonathan took matters into his own hands, releasing his "Baby Got Back" cover on iTunes (called "Baby Got Back (In the Style of Glee)").

He tweeted: "My cover of Glee's cover of my cover, for sale now. I'll donate proceeds from sales now through end of Feb to charity."

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