Jonas Brothers New Album Update: First Single is an "Exciting Song"

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The Jonas Brothers reveal something new about the first single off their new album.
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The Jonas Brothers were recently asked about the first single from their upcoming new you think they spilled the beans?

Nope, the JoBros are still tight lipped about their new album, but we're glad people keep asking!

During a press conference in Mexico City last week, the interviewer asked, "What's the first single that you guys are gonna work on?"

The guys didn't want to give away the name, but Joe said (14:07 in the video), "We know, but we can't say."

Nick assured, "Just a little while longer and we'll be able to share all that."

He added, "It's a really exciting song..."

Joe noted, "We're close."

Ahh! Don't make us wait much longer!

Earlier in the interview, Kevin spoke about their upcoming tour, saying they've "been through a lot more in the last couple years...I'm just more excited about being able to play the new music on the tour."

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