'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3, Episode 17 Recap: Baby Bombshells

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Alison's old notes are discovered and mum's the word...literally In tonight's episode, we begin with a walk down memory lane when Emily finds Ali's old notes and cards. Spencer is still devastated about discovering her boyfriend Toby is on the A team, but she doesn't tell the girls about what she's found out. In Ali's notebook, a mystery guy was being discussed who Emily suspects could be Toby, but Spencer doesn't want to speculate.

Aria had planned to finally tell Ezra about his secret baby with Maggie, but things go horribly awry when Spencer accidentally spills the beans. Looks like A sent Spencer a text to try and make it seem like Ezra already knew the big secret.

In other baby bombshells, we also find out Ali thought she was pregnant before her disappearance! While we don't know who the dad is, in a flashback scene, she says: "If he finds out, he's gonna kill me." Creepy!

Hannah gets in hot water when a drink thrown on her at a lesbian bar she ends up at while trying to follow Caleb. Spencer knows better than to try to spy herself and hires a professional to follow Toby. Will she finally get some answers?

At the episode's conclusion, Ezra decides to get meet his son for the first time, but where his relationship with Aria stands is unclear. Is there more trouble in paradise for another one of Rosewood's couples?

Tune in next week and tell us what you thought of tonight's show in the comments below!

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