Ryan Lochte Instagrams Pic in His Undies...See It!

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Olympic hottie shares pic in his skivvies...what's he stripping down for?
We see London, we see France...here's Ryan Lochte in his underpants!

The Olympic swimmer, grill enthusiast and E! reality star shared this nearly naked photo on his Instagram over the weekend.

And what was the occasion for him to bare his ripped body?

It was for a photo shoot. "Do I look a lil tanner haha! Headed to my ESPN shoot," he wrote along with this pic.

Sounds like someone got a spray tan!

And if you can't get enough Ryan, you're in luck. He's having a Twitter Q&A today at 3:45 ET.

"See u back here #jeah," he Tweeted, along with the details.

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