'American Idol' Season 12, Episode 3 Recap: Texas-Sized Talent

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The judges hit Texas and Los Angeles to try and find the next big star. But which judge brought the heat tonight? Everything's bigger in Texas...or is it? In tonight's episode of American Idol, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson head to the Lone Star state in search of the next big thing. First stop: San Antonio!

Return contestant Vincent gets a unanimous yes from the gang and Mariah even says he has the "voice of an angel". Nice accolades from his inspiration! This is so not the case for a disastrous brother duo, prompting some priceless WTF faces from Nicki. Single mom Savanna's vocals wow everyone when she belts out At Last, but we think she could use a stylist. What's with the midriff top, babe? This is not 1999.

Mariah gets sassy when contestant Ann, who's husband nominated her, sings Faith Hill's Stronger. "There's a lot of Faith in there," says Keith. Ann thinks he's talking about her voice sounding soulful, but Mariah quips: "I think he meant the singer...as in Hill."

Nicki gets in some zingers too, though telling one off-key singer: "There's always auto tune." But a guy who goes by "Papa Peachez" and sings his own music gets a "billion, Sicialian yes" from Ms. Minaj. We think she just likes someone else who comes up with kooky nicknames.

Final TX contestant Sanni gets a round of applause and a standing ovation from Keith. Then, it's off to California, where the gang will audition potential stars on the Queen Mary. Mariah's late due to LA traffic and Nicki is MIA due to a prior commitment. We miss her on the panel. Zzzz.

One purple haired contestant scared us all to death with her screaming metal rendition of Adele's Set Fire to the Rain, smashing a light in the process. Speaking of fire, Idol hopeful Jesaiah's audition is interrupted when the fire alarm starts wailing while she sings. Pound the alarm!

When the drill's over, Nicki's back and Jesaiah is allowed to finish her audition. Her patience is rewarded and she's voted through to Hollywood. Micah, a contestant who suffered nerve damage during a routine tonsillectomy, stuns with his stellar voice and also makes the cut. Bullied Briana and little person Mateos also get thumbs up from the crew, concluding the tearjerker portion of our program.

We give tonight's best judge honor to Ms. Minaj. The panel was definitely duller without her one-liners, crazy hats and colorful wigs. Better luck next week, Mimi!


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