Are Jennifer Lawrence and Robert Pattinson Dating?

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Oh my. Is Robert Pattinson dating Jennifer Lawrence?

According to Grazia Australia magazine, Robert and Jennifer are the "new power couple" and could be going to the Oscars together.

The magazine reports, "After struggling to make it work with Kristen Stewart and finally calling it quits on their four-year relationship, Robert Pattinson has set his sights on her rival Jennifer Lawrence. Ouch!"

Jennifer reportedly "invited him as her date to the Oscars!" and they both "are in constant contact via secret phone chats and jokey texts."

A source notes, "Jen's the hottest thing going in Hollywood right now--she's got the critical praise that's mostly eluded Kristen, she has a clean image with no scandals and she's newly single."

Ah, the tabloids, always trying to drum up some kind of feud between Jennifer and Kristen.

You may recall recent rumors that Jennifer was dating Bradley Cooper after she and Nicholas Hoult broke up--we suspect the JLaw dating rumors won't let up anytime soon. reports that sources close to the situation say the Robert and Jennifer dating rumors are "totally false."
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