Harry Styles' Autograph Joke to Paparazzi's Daughter: "Tell Your Daddy to Go Away"

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Check out Harry Styles' cheeky autograph to a photographer's daughter!
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Having your dad get Harry Styles' autograph has to be a thrill, but check out the cheeky message Harry wrote to a photographer who asked for his signature.

The photog, who was outside of Harry's London home, asked if Hazza would sign the autograph for his seven-year-old daughter, Ella.

Harry did more than just sign a generic note--he had a message to get across to the photographer as well.

Harry wrote, "To Ella, please tell your daddy to go away. Love from Harry x."

LOL. We love it!

Check out a pic of Harry's funny autograph at The Sun.

Something tells us the photographer isn't going to leave Harry alone though!

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