'Warm Bodies' Cast Discuss Zombies: Dave Franco's Brains Get Exposed! (WATCH!)

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What would the movie's stars do if zombies attacked? Find out! Who is super excited for a new horror film with a Romeo and Juliet love story twist? We are!

Warm Bodies definitely is a creative take on the typical zombie flick, that's for sure!

One of the movie's actors, Nicholas Hoult, told us what he wants to see up on the big screen.

"I was excited to see the scene where I eat Dave Franco's brains."

Uh, ew!

Music also plays a big role in the movie, so def keep your ears on alert for that!

Since it's a zombie movie, we had to ask the stars what their first instinct would be in a zombie apocalypse?

We learned that the boys were pretty big wimps, including Dave Franco (James Franco's little bro!) who said, "I think I'm running for the hills...I have no survival plan."


We liked Analeigh Tipton's answer the best: "Puns...who needs weapons when you have witty responses?!"

See what the rest of the cast said in the video above!



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