Why Was Robert Pattinson Pulled Over by Police in Australia?

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You might be surprised!
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Robert Pattinson has been pretty busy while visiting Australia without Kristen Stewart!

There was talk of him hanging out with a mystery blonde at a music festival, flirt texting Jennifer Lawrence and now, there's a report he was apparently pulled over by police too!

Hollywoodlife.com is saying R-Patz got pulled over because he was riding a bicycle without a helmet!

We aren't kidding.

He wasn't arrested or cited but warned by the po-po. Australia was one of the first countries to have mandatory bicycle helmet laws.

News of his bicycle no-no was reported by locals on Twitter.

"Twilight's Robert Pattinson has been cautioned by SA Police for not wearing a helmet while riding a bike in #Adelaide #Newsfeed," the tweet read.

Do you think helmet laws should be more strict like this in other parts of the world?

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