Wilmer Valderramma Talks His Sexy 'Suburgatory' Role, Bullying in High School and Demi Lovato! (EXCLUSIVE!)

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Wilmer ValderramaGetty

We can expect to see a lot more of Wilmer Valderrama on TV this year...at least that's what he told us!

We got to chat with the That 70s Show yesterday and he was quick to spill about his upcoming role on ABC's hit show, Suburgatory.

Playing the love guru and sex god on the show, Yoni, Wilmer said we can totally expect his "Fez" humor and comedy on the new sitcom.

"I won't do a project if it's not real and funny...that's one thing Yoni and Fez have in common, they're both real," he told us.

Both of Wilmer's characters have "the accent" too, which he says got him bullied a lot in high school.

"I was definitely bullied in school, especially because English wasn't my first language, so people looked at me like I was stupid," he said.

He admitted he had a good defense mechanism to getting around all of that though....comedy!

Not to mention, his accent totally makes him stand out....and picks up chicks.

We HAD to ask him about his relationship with X-Factor judge Demi Lovato too. There have been rumors they're dating again!

Though he didn't want to comment on her or his personal life because "it's boring," he didn't say they WEREN'T together or that he was single either! Perhaps if he was seeing Demi again, he would've been quick to cover it up and say no? Who knows!

Check out Wilmer on tonight's episode of Suburgatory at 9:30 PM Est on ABC!

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